Film poster

Film poster

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Sam Jordan, of Juneau Alaska, writes: 

This past Tuesday, the Day of the Covenant, the Local Spiritual Assembly of Juneau sponsored a free showing of ‘Luminous Journey’ at the local art-house theater The Goldtown Nickelodeon.  It was a bitter cold and foggy night here in Juneau, but 24 folks braved the elements, grabbed some popcorn and watched the film.  Included in the crowd were several non-Baha’is, several children ranging in ages from ages 5-11 and one of our dear elders.  Folks were very concentrated throughout the film, but several times there were laughs, some oohs and ahhs, and occasionally someone recognizing a familiar face in the actors who played in the film.  Everyone walked away having learned something new about that glorious 8 months of Abdul Baha’s visit.  In its totality, the film brought into clear focus the tirelessness of Abdul Baha’s service on behalf of the Faith here in America.  It left many humbled.
Our assembly, and I personally, thank you for helping us host ‘Luminous Journey’ here in our small town.  The promotional cards and booklets allowed us to share with friends and family, and we have already had requests for a second showing for those who could not make the first one.  We plan to host as many showings as folks want, as well as offer the opportunity for folks in neighboring communities in Alaska.
So, bravo!  And thank you for the obvious care and thoughtfulness of your work.  It has been well received here in Juneau!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A new tribute

We just got another glowing tribute to the film, from Derald Hendry, sent via email:

“I have just emerged from a breathtaking experience. I was actually immersed in the time of 1912. I have been anxiously waiting for my Blu-ray edition and viewed it with rapt attention today. What a marvelous production! As a former history teacher and a Bahá’í of 53 years, I KNOW what difficulties you must have experienced in this visual 'love letter' to the world—all the data, the photography, the script, the music, and so forth. Quite an undertaking and well worth the effort. I was actually stunned by its impact. For years I have been hoping someone would undertake this valuable task and I don't see how it could have been any better or more interestingly presented. It is time the world comes to know what His visit and love was all about. BRAVO! Your love, dedication and perseverance were obvious. I watched it again this morning . . . it touches me so much and will live forever in my heart!"

Derald also said that the film seemed SHORT to him. This is good; a few people have said it was too long--but then they also say that they were tired when they started to watch it! I like Derald's comment! 

Other Travels . . .

William Jennings Bryan house
 I've been remiss about recounting all of our travels.  From Colorado, we went to Lincoln, NB and then to Minneapolis--so I'll post a few photos from these places.

We can hardly keep up with everything!  And more traveling to come--Bellevue, WA, and Little Rock!

In Lincoln, we visited the home of William Jennings Bryan and took many photos inside and video footage of the outside. 
Bryan house
See mention of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in text above

Lincoln Woman's Club

Speaking about the film
We showed our film at the Lincoln Women's Club--and more people came from advertising than Baha'is! It was a great evening--very receptive and responsive audience.
Reception after Film Screening



Young man we met at Persian Conf. & saw here!

Brian and Jenina--a delightful pair!

Jenina and I at a restaurant

One of the Bridges of Madison County
Saman, a young man we met at a cafe in Des Moines
With Tim's brother Steve in Minneapolis

 We traveled to Minneapolis through Madison Country--and stopped to see some sights & take a few photos. Then, my longtime friend Dede Moum set up a little rendezvous for us in Des Moines and a few friends of hers came--and we sat in a cafe & spoke about the film to several people. I met one person, Alan, who is online with the Baha'i Writers' Group, so it was nice to meet him in person.

In Minneapolis, we got together with Tim's brother, Steve, who took us out to lunch and helped us set up for our evening film event--one of the best ever! The space was great; the audience receptive.

Minneapolis Baha'i Center

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Screening at the Angelika!

One of the great events of our life--and on Tim's 60th birthday! Screening at the Angelika Film Center, Dallas. It was great!  See the title on the marquis! I'll add a few more photos now. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago! Wilmette!

At our Luminous Journey table

We had quite a marvelous time in Chicago--first at the Friends of Persian Culture conference and then at the Luminous Journey screening in Wilmette.  

Charles, Majid, and Jahan Nolley 

Tim with dear friends Charles, Saba, and Majid Nolley
Mahmehr Golestaneh

Becky Hillman, who helped us so much!

With a friend from the past . . . 


Ellen Price drove into the convention center to pick us up! 

Then, we had a great time at the Price's home, where gourmet cook Sam Goddard fed us magnificently and we had many interesting conversations with Ed and others. . . .
My old friend Andrea came over to visit!
Poster in display window
Then, there was the screening!

Us with the poster
    (more to come!)