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Film poster

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hearing Voices!

We spent a number of hours this weekend recording various voices for the film.  It's challenging--to hear the script read.  It came alive in a new way--but also reminded us of how hard it is to reach excellence!

Among our readers were a family--Valarie and Marc Atwood and their two sons, Stewart and Garrett; Shahram Rohani, David Marin, Jim Warrior, Dorothy Gilstrap, and (from afar) Yahzdi Taillion.  And Tim and myself!

Each of the young men read one line each and did a great job.
Signing release forms
Tim and Dorothy
Valarie & Anne
Anne & Tim
Tim as sound engineer

It's interesting how someone can sound very different from how they normally sound or how they look. Both Marc and Valarie were able to get several character voices to come forth. "I don't know where that one came from," Valarie would say.  Hearing a new voice helped us visualize the characters in some ways.

Of course, we don't know now which voices we will use and which we will need to replace, as refinement happens.