Film poster

Film poster

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Intern arrives! Light ahead!

Nura Adlparvar has arrived to spend a month with us and help on the film!  Her name means "Light"--and she will certainly provide light and hope and hours of editing!  

Nura + her coffee
Originally from California, Nura is currently a film student at Columbia University in NYC. We are so lucky!  Just one of those miracles coming from our project, which must be blessed from on high--as how could we do this on our own? 
Mary and Nura, at work

Last night four of us worked on four different computers in our small editing suite. Mary Collins, who went with us on our trip to New England, came over to help re-touch photos for the Green Acre book.  We all worked until about 2 am, then everyone else went to bed or left, and I worked until 5. But then, I couldn't sleep, because of how excited I was! 

Tim and I, at work
So, we hope to charge ahead and get much done this month. Many people are asking about the film--but it is so labor intensive to produce!  

I am also trying to finish the new edition of the Green Acre book, and next week I go to the Indiana Baha'i School for a few days.  O my!  Will we have enough time and energy to reach our goal? Nura will help!  Yea! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

COMMEMORATIONS: Chicago & Washington, DC

The two events commemorating 'Abdu'l-Bahá in America held so far have been stupendous.  In DC, the speakers, the music, the visual projects, the poem by Donna Denizé, and other aspects were amazing.

We were involved in two ways--I costumed some people who strolled before the official program started (pictured)--and Tim and I prepared a film segment, which was screened.  Unfortunately, there was some technical glitch, and the film visual came up after the audio and then the frame was not all visible--so some of the film was cut off.

We couldn't take photos of the rest of the program--so these will have to suffice. . . .

Boyd & other technician

choir rehearsing

choir rehearsing

programs on the seats

The ballroom at the DC hotel where event was held

In Chicago, the Temple was the focus of the large commemorative event!  I costumed 35 members of the choir!

Some shots from Van Gilmer's basement, where I spent the evening costuming 35 choir members,  one at a time, with the help of Becky Hillman.  Everyone looked great at the commemorative event!

Sorry--I've been lazy about adding more photos. I will--soon! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preparing for DC

Along with going to Chicago two weeks ago to help with the Commemoration of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's visit there (my role was to costume 37 people--the choir and two others--for the large event and to tell stories in the tea tent the following day) AND attending the Wings to the Spirit Arts Conference in Florida one week ago (where I made two presentations about our film project) I am working with Tim to prepare a 10-minute piece for the COMMEMORATION in Washington, DC.  We fly there tomorrow!  Motion seems to be our metier.

 Sleep?  Only a vague memory is associated with that luxury. 

Last night we had three film/ graphic design students working with us:  Tara, who selected our title fonts and prepared a path for their animation, Luke, who worked on scrolling and timing the titles, and Mary, who helped me with costumes and then retouched digital images.

Tim, at his editing post
Mary helping with costumes in messy living room (and petting Darby)
 (Not pictured: Mary and I working on our computers in our "west wing" studio space.)

Tim and I finally got in bed around 4:30, with only a rough cut finished. But tonight there will be more "magic"--or rather hard work--at Keywe Studios--and then suddenly we'll be on the plane, snoring loudly, off to our marathon weekend in DC!