Film poster

Film poster

Saturday, February 15, 2014

In production again!

Since we are doing a PERSIAN VERSION of the film, with script now being translated and fundraising in process, we are embarking on another KICKSTARTER to meet some of the financial needs. (The voices will be recorded in LA; Shokouh Rezaie, a well-known singer and radio speaker will be doing the main narrator's part; we'll have to rent a studio out there for a month and have Ojan Missaghi do all of the voice recording and audio editing.)

Yesterday, in the new audio editing suite at the Art Institute of Dallas, we did a video shoot for the Kickstarter campaign.

Petra, our current intern, was director and camera person; we had three production assistants--first quarter video students thrilled to get an opportunity to be part of a real shoot; two Persian spokespeople, our friends Sina and Melody, came in to do the Persian parts.

It was wonderful--and reminded me again of how much I love the PRODUCTION part of film!
Petra and crew

Sina & Anne
Sina, preparing his cue sheet
Great teamwork!

Brady with boom mic
AJ on bounce board
Melody, Sina, Anne
Petra & AJ
Melody (right)