Film poster

Film poster

Monday, July 22, 2013

CD Soundtrack!

We have ordered 1000 copies of our CD Soundtrack of the film!

This involved mastering the CD (thanks to Stan Skora, our audio engineer), designing the CD wallet (yea Tim), collaboration with all of the musicians who gave permission for us to use their music, blessings especially from Lisa Haese Smith, who composed most of the music, and navigating the steps with a replication company, Oasis, (barcodes, etc.) Producing is no easy job.

This was on top of the recording session in LA in which our music was orchestrated--and all of the work after that to edit it.

Here's what the CD wallet looks like in its flattened form. It will be a folded piece, the size of a regular CD.  (The first of our film-related products!  Now, to get finished with the film itself!)  I'll put the list of music cuts below the design.

          Luminous Journey: 'Abdu'l-Bahá in America, 1912  Logo      
1. “Voyage to America”    Lisa Haese Smith   3:37
2. “Joy Gives us Wings”    Lisa Haese Smith   3:07
3. “Rosé e Gigli”  Lisa Haese Smith   3:36
4. “Light Revealed”  Lisa Haese Smith   2:39
5. “Summer Sky” (extended) Lisa Haese Smith   3:47
6. “Voyage to America”    Orchestral Mix   Lisa Haese Smith   3:37
7. “Prairies & Blue Skies”    Lisa Haese Smith   1:03
8. “Soaring”  Ravand Samaeekia     3:17
9. “Ancient Joy”  Afshin Toufighian 3:56
10  “Beginnings”   Anna Höstman   1:56
11. “Doors Unbarred” John Ebata  3:58
12. “Prayer”  Luke Slott   3:06
13. “The Keeper of Secrets”  Luke Slott  2:08
14. “Land and Sea”  Smith & Dragoman   3:09
15. “The Trust Among Us”  Smith & Dragoman 3:54 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Screenings on the Horizon: (we WILL be at the following venues, with the film!)

    San Antonio  Sat., July 27   7 pm Baha'i Center

    Irvine, CA  ABS conference, August 16 late-night arts program

     Chicago:  excerpt at Persian-American Conference, Labor Day           weekend + Wilmette Theatre    Mon., Sept. 2   6:30 pm   $10

     Colorado:   Glenwood Springs, Sept. 21; Denver Sept. 22

     San Francisco:  Richmond  Oct. 11 8 pm    SF  Oct. 12   7 pm


Here's our new film poster!