Film poster

Film poster

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sundance Entry!

We just submitted a version of our film to the Sundance Film Festival!  We thought it was impossible, then read that they would take an incomplete version. So--it's our first festival entry.

Actually, the paper work and the financial payment have been submitted--we are waiting for the 40-min. film version to render--and the computer says 3 hours!  At least we made the west-coast midnight deadline with the rest of the submission.

How many festivals will we submit to? Oh--there are 650 to choose from--if only we could enter at least 10!  But each entry fee is between $55-$100.  We need to do more fundraising!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September Updates!

                                                  So much has happened recently!  San Francisco--a wonderful commemoration in the grand Opera House.  I helped with costumes of the characters portrayed by actors.

 And that night I was able to present film excerpts and speak at the SF Baha'i Center--perhaps 400 people came!

Richmond the night before--we had a film event at Mansour Taeed's theatre--110 people came!

Meanwhile, Tim was in LA at a recording session with studio musicians, recording Lisa Haese Smith's original music for our film!

Lisa's husband, Stan, served as engineer and flew from Australia to arrange everything!

Light upon light! Who could ever have imagined this happening for us?

Then, an interview with Rob Sockett, for 239 Days!  See

Now, we are preparing a version for the Sundance Festival deadline IF we can create something worthy by Monday. Oh, my.

We have animators working on an animating logo, flashback sequences, opening titles. I have been working on the closing titles, which will be enhanced by an animator.

Music is getting laid down. . . .

We are so tired and usually push ourselves to work until about 4 am and then get up too early. How to sustain this pace?

Vitamins and drawing energy from the ethers. . . . And a little help from our friends!

We need to do a bit more FUNDRAISING, especially to cover audio sweetening (around $6000), film festival entry costs ($55-100 each), animation projects, and paying skilled helpers for misc. tasks.  Any ideas for us?