Film poster

Film poster

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Original Music Orchestration!

Close up of musical score
prior to recording session
 We just posted an update on Kickstarter, which I will share here: 
Stan Skora holding iPad connected
to the composer in Australia 
We recently edited a behind the scenes look at the recording of one of our original pieces of music for the film.  We were able to hire some very good studio musicians working in Los Angeles, a state-of-the-art recording studio and excellent recording engineers.  Thanks to Stan Skora, the composer's husband, who is a professional recording engineer, and his connections with the musicians union and the recording studio, we got a fantastic deal.  

We were able to record Seven tracks of original composition, one of which is captured in this video "Joy Gives Us Wing."  Lisa Smith wrote such amazing music for the film, as though she had been transported to 1912 and brought back the spirit of the journey.  
For fun, watch for Lisa in the video; she was unable to fly from Australia to attend the session, so through technology she was there via facetime on the iPad.  See if you can see her smiling face. 

I will include the link below, so that you can watch the video--but hope to post the video here at some point!