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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Launching our kickstarter

After days of waiting for our kickstarter proposal to be reviewed, it was finally accepted! We launched it this morning--and in one day we have 18 backers and over $900 pledged!  So we are on our way to winning our goal of $19,000.  It all seems like a dream that is becoming very real!

See  Kickstarter link:

Yellow mums and pyramids of fruit

What an intense day we had last Saturday!  Two locations and an evening program.

The first location included a scene with Lua Getsinger, writing a letter to Agnes Parsons about 'Abdu'l-Baha's talk at Stanford University. She reports that the students were so enthused, they gave the college yell!

the setting, without the actors!
Then we had the profound scene in which Juliet is painting the portrait of the Master and He "drops the veil"--showing His power and glory!  Tim, uncharacteristically, was letting the camera run while he read the script out loud. He said later that he felt "presences" in the room. Of course on the way there we had invoked the presence of Lua and Juliet--and always the Master. It's all just part of the great mystery that sometimes envelopes us as we do this work.  Our very human selves meet something that is in another key or octave. . . .
The other location was the home where we were speaking that night--and we staged a scene around a table laden with yellow mums and other flowers and pyramids of fruit. It was hard to light, but the extras looked beautiful--despite the fact I had to costume everyone very quickly.

Tim has a new jib for the camera, allowing him to get shots from above.

Recording continues

We've had great success finding and recording narrative and character voices!  Nura has helped by day, Tim by night. . . .