Film poster

Film poster

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Screening of work-in-progress

Mehdi, performing music

We had a screening of our work-in-progress at the Dallas Baha'i Center on Sunday, Nov. 25.  It sort of went well!  Technical problems with the sound caused us to show our previous version (with good sound), and then we showed some new sections, with a mic up to the little speaker coming out of the projector. . . . 

Tim & Anne at podium

Still, there was an overwhelmed response. The audience stood up!  There is still so much to do to finish the film. 

We had our first rejection today from film festival entries--Sundance.  But that just means we're on our path to success! 

Today is a special holy day associated with Abdu'l-Baha, the anniversary of His passing.  May it galvanize us to seize the time, before it passes! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inching forward!

EVERYTHING seems to be taking longer than what we envisioned. We have never made a feature-length film before and had no idea how long everything would take--especially the editing!  However, real progress is being made.

We have printed thank you FILM CARDS & and are sending them to contributors of time, talent, resources, funds.  

We have designed a FILM POSTER and are awaiting "review" and then will do final wording tweaks. 

Brad & Anne in studio
We have recorded the introductions and the pieces for a CD MONOLOGUES project, which I will edit with an audio student, Brad, at the Art Institute. 
Danny, our sound engineer
Brad, recording
Our ORIGINAL MUSIC continues to come in from Australia, where Stan Skora (our composer's husband and sound engineer), is doing final mixing on the orchestral versions of Lisa's music. In addition, we are using music by Ravand Samaeekia, Luke Slott, John Ebata, and Smith & Dragoman.  

The SOUNDTRACK CD won't be ready, however, until the film is complete. 

Animation and graphic elements are evolving; we've worked on the credit sequence and have flourishes, animated maps, chapter titles, and other aspects finished. The opening title sequence and the flashback sequences are taking the most time. 

Last, but not at all least, the FILM ITSELF is taking final shape--well, being edited slowly, by our meticulous editor-director, Tim. We are at the 60 minute mark of the edited film, which will probably end up at 120 minutes.  At this point, we can't predict when it will be finished. This is agonizing for me, but Tim plods away, day after day, adhering to high standards of beauty. I can't imagine that we'll be ready to send screening copies out until January at the earliest. 

We have submitted our work-in-progress to 8 film festivals. 

SCREENINGS of our work-in-progress will be occurring in DALLAS (Nov. 25), SEATTLE (Dec. 15); ORLANDO (Dec. 21); MICHIGAN and the NETHERLANDS (Dec. 27); and (we think) EDINBURGH (Dec. 29). These are all "private" screenings--i.e. for special events or conferences. We will not be traveling to all of these locations, however. 

We appreciate your continued thoughts, support, and PATIENCE as we bring to fruition this work of art and love. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Intern; the home stretch; challenges

Andreas Attai
Andreas Attai was with us for 9 days and helped with several sections: America 1912, New York, Chicago, and Montana--a story from the West.  It was great to have him!  He did not complain about the chaos of our house--script versions taped up on walls, lists of goals everywhere--but did note with surprise that old people like us stayed up most of the night!  He was influenced somewhat but held to his basic sleep patterns--and Tim took the late shift! Of course, I have barely slept in 2 years.

Andreas & Tim setting up for a shoot
Now it is November, and we are pledged to show a version of the film on November 25--the Day of the Covenant. I want the film to be finished, of course, but that may not be possible. Still we are striving, mightily. However, we wish Andreas was still here!

 Andreas, editing. . . .

So--the "home stretch" is basically in sight as various things are achieved. But this project is so large! Many challenges impact us daily. But we've still managed to send a few more film festival entries in. 

 And others continue to help us. One weekend we had Sherry Malone with us. Sherry is an accomplished editor and drove up from Houston to help us.  Mostly what she helped with were the chapter title openings--a kind of dreary job, but it saved Tim numerous hours. She also helped to time the closing credits. Yea, Sherry!
Atoosa Lotfi has been over recently to help find images and scan photos. Diana Rohrback continues to help us with financial records and organization. What would we do without all of these "angels"--in 
this world and the next?!