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Film poster

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recent Screenings

We've had great adventures, recently, screening the film.  In Little Rock we premiered the film at the Market Street Theatre (see website image to right)
and then had a follow up screening of the short version at a public library with discussion on peace, race unity, gender equality, and so forth. Enthusiastic audiences, both!  Some people from WAND, a women's peace organization, came.
With Canadian filmmakers Mary Darling & Clark Donnelly

We also attended a conference in Phoenix and had 4 screening presentations--the whole film and some workshops with behind-the-scenes clips. People were very excited to hear about the Chinese subtitled version in the works, as well as the Persian language version.  We need to raise funds for the latter.
at one of our workshops
Performance of Smith & Dragoman
Ideas, anyone?

Jon Rezin did a great job of selling our wares along with his many CDs
Some great new tributes have come our way: Jacqueline Walker writes:  "This is a beautiful and interesting film, amazingly so for a reportage. We watched it in one sitting, although we usually don't like long films. Thank you so much!"