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Film poster

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Behind-the-Scenes Video!

Ah! We had such a splendid shoot yesterday, at an historic house in Dallas.  So many great crew members and extras came to help--and we had a marvelous actor, Paul Taylor, play Howard Colby Ives.

One student / new friend, Trace Lundberg, came to shoot video and stills, and made a behind-the-scenes piece last night!  We've posted it on our kickstarter--under UPDATE #3.


I have so many great photos from yesterday, too--but which to post, and when?  So tired, now. . . .

Will post more later!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kickstarter continues . . . A shoot on Saturday!

Our Kickstarter fundraiser continues. Will we make our goal?  Right now we are at $13,684,  72% funded, with 10 days left.

We've been so moved by so many generous contributions. . . . And hope that they continue!

This coming Saturday we have a shoot at the Aldredge house in Dallas. About 15 extras so far are coming, with 3 crew members. It's one final push to get a group scene--this one representing New York.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kickstarter continues; more TRAIN footage!

NEW Kickstarter update: we have 67 backers, for a total of $6,155  But we need to reach $19,000 in 22 days, in order to receive any of the money.  We've been very inspired by the generosity and comments we have gotten. One friend wrote that she allows herself one luxury a month--and ordering our DVD for a $30 pledge to Kickstarter was her luxury for July--and it was only July 1st!  


On the train
On Friday we shot several scenes at the Grapevine Train station--and on the train!  It was a very hot day, but we had 27 extras show up, along with crew of Tim, Alex Mena, and Nura. What a great team!  We were so exhausted afterwards. I'll post a few shots.  Three extras came from a talent agency, knowing it was an unpaid gig--and wanted to know when the next one is!!!  How are we so lucky?  Someone I didn't know posted the announcement.  It seems like fate that when we arise, things happen!

Of course the shoot days are always challenging. . . .
The crew--Tim, Alex, Nura
Laura & Martin Sinise

 Among our new "extra" friends are Kevin Paris (above, right, with costume vest, glasses) and Laura & Martin Sinise. They've been on two shoots & have done vocal recordings. Martin is Gary Sinise's cousin--and looks similar!

Valarie Atwood, one of our voice talents
The group, in front of train