Film poster

Film poster

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preparing for DC

Along with going to Chicago two weeks ago to help with the Commemoration of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's visit there (my role was to costume 37 people--the choir and two others--for the large event and to tell stories in the tea tent the following day) AND attending the Wings to the Spirit Arts Conference in Florida one week ago (where I made two presentations about our film project) I am working with Tim to prepare a 10-minute piece for the COMMEMORATION in Washington, DC.  We fly there tomorrow!  Motion seems to be our metier.

 Sleep?  Only a vague memory is associated with that luxury. 

Last night we had three film/ graphic design students working with us:  Tara, who selected our title fonts and prepared a path for their animation, Luke, who worked on scrolling and timing the titles, and Mary, who helped me with costumes and then retouched digital images.

Tim, at his editing post
Mary helping with costumes in messy living room (and petting Darby)
 (Not pictured: Mary and I working on our computers in our "west wing" studio space.)

Tim and I finally got in bed around 4:30, with only a rough cut finished. But tonight there will be more "magic"--or rather hard work--at Keywe Studios--and then suddenly we'll be on the plane, snoring loudly, off to our marathon weekend in DC!

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