Film poster

Film poster

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago! Wilmette!

At our Luminous Journey table

We had quite a marvelous time in Chicago--first at the Friends of Persian Culture conference and then at the Luminous Journey screening in Wilmette.  

Charles, Majid, and Jahan Nolley 

Tim with dear friends Charles, Saba, and Majid Nolley
Mahmehr Golestaneh

Becky Hillman, who helped us so much!

With a friend from the past . . . 


Ellen Price drove into the convention center to pick us up! 

Then, we had a great time at the Price's home, where gourmet cook Sam Goddard fed us magnificently and we had many interesting conversations with Ed and others. . . .
My old friend Andrea came over to visit!
Poster in display window
Then, there was the screening!

Us with the poster
    (more to come!)

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