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Film poster

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Sam Jordan, of Juneau Alaska, writes: 

This past Tuesday, the Day of the Covenant, the Local Spiritual Assembly of Juneau sponsored a free showing of ‘Luminous Journey’ at the local art-house theater The Goldtown Nickelodeon.  It was a bitter cold and foggy night here in Juneau, but 24 folks braved the elements, grabbed some popcorn and watched the film.  Included in the crowd were several non-Baha’is, several children ranging in ages from ages 5-11 and one of our dear elders.  Folks were very concentrated throughout the film, but several times there were laughs, some oohs and ahhs, and occasionally someone recognizing a familiar face in the actors who played in the film.  Everyone walked away having learned something new about that glorious 8 months of Abdul Baha’s visit.  In its totality, the film brought into clear focus the tirelessness of Abdul Baha’s service on behalf of the Faith here in America.  It left many humbled.
Our assembly, and I personally, thank you for helping us host ‘Luminous Journey’ here in our small town.  The promotional cards and booklets allowed us to share with friends and family, and we have already had requests for a second showing for those who could not make the first one.  We plan to host as many showings as folks want, as well as offer the opportunity for folks in neighboring communities in Alaska.
So, bravo!  And thank you for the obvious care and thoughtfulness of your work.  It has been well received here in Juneau!

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