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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Other Travels . . .

William Jennings Bryan house
 I've been remiss about recounting all of our travels.  From Colorado, we went to Lincoln, NB and then to Minneapolis--so I'll post a few photos from these places.

We can hardly keep up with everything!  And more traveling to come--Bellevue, WA, and Little Rock!

In Lincoln, we visited the home of William Jennings Bryan and took many photos inside and video footage of the outside. 
Bryan house
See mention of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in text above

Lincoln Woman's Club

Speaking about the film
We showed our film at the Lincoln Women's Club--and more people came from advertising than Baha'is! It was a great evening--very receptive and responsive audience.
Reception after Film Screening



Young man we met at Persian Conf. & saw here!

Brian and Jenina--a delightful pair!

Jenina and I at a restaurant

One of the Bridges of Madison County
Saman, a young man we met at a cafe in Des Moines
With Tim's brother Steve in Minneapolis

 We traveled to Minneapolis through Madison Country--and stopped to see some sights & take a few photos. Then, my longtime friend Dede Moum set up a little rendezvous for us in Des Moines and a few friends of hers came--and we sat in a cafe & spoke about the film to several people. I met one person, Alan, who is online with the Baha'i Writers' Group, so it was nice to meet him in person.

In Minneapolis, we got together with Tim's brother, Steve, who took us out to lunch and helped us set up for our evening film event--one of the best ever! The space was great; the audience receptive.

Minneapolis Baha'i Center

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