Film poster

Film poster

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Our friend Bill Mahoney
Driving to Denver was harrowing! 
Car screen showing elevation--yikes!

 Denver yielded a number of special experiences and locations, after we got through the mountains and beyond the hail and rain. We stayed with our dear friend Bill Mahoney, who had some thoughtful ideas about the film and offered gracious hospitality. Then, we had access to the Baha'i Center as a place to meet and film and make further connections.  Our friend Walt Palmer came, and we actually shot a "scene" depicting Louis Gregory and Lousia Mathews in an archway that looked as if it could be Washington, D.C.
We also met up with John Hicks, who lives in the Clark House and knows much about the history of Abdu'l-Baha in Colorado. And we got footage of the train depot and the Oxford Hotel, both of which were significant to the story. We found that the Roberts house and the Shirley Hotel no longer exist. Ultimately we felt as if we really penetrated the Colorado part of the journey--and are ready to make a trailer for the film!
Baha'i Center, Denver
Waiting for Victor, who had the key

Working, outside, with friend Walt
Chair from Clark house,
Abdu'l-Baha sat in

Victor Banks

Shooting the chair, on stage

Denver Baha'i Center worship hall

Calvin in Durango t-shirt

In vestibule

Juli Redson-Smith

Walt and Rezal, looking like
Louis and Louisa!
the garden

Moment from a true story--Abdu'l-Baha suggested Louisa give Louis a white rose as a symbolic gesture related to interracial marriage--it worked; they married!
ah, loyalty!

We discovered the Art Institute of Colorado--our sister school!  

Clark house 
Soroosh before costume
Piles of costumes

Arthur, whom we met on the street corner, doing Tai Chi

Rezal in a new role, Arthur, Anne
Soroosh, John

Rezal, looking lovely

Arthur, looking dashing as a Persian  
Anne, looking old--er, from the past

John, looking authentic

Soroosh, looking sincere (getting into the part of portraying an interpreter)

The camera, looking at all of us
(HD sees all but the soul!)

                                                                   Back at Bill's, I gave him a nine-pointed star
I had made from glass

All in all, it was a great time in Denver! 

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