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Friday, July 15, 2011


Deb's garden
bicycle sculpture (trellis)
Suddenly, after another night at Bill's in Denver (with Sandy) and a short visit with dear friend Dannah, I was in Baltimore, and Tim was traveling back to Texas!  He stopped to shoot the steam engine train near Alamosa; meanwhile, I was reading about the B & O train Museum en route to Baltimore. I stayed with my friends Deb and Steve Vance. It was a lovely interlude--though hot there, too. 
We did research, visited all of the places still existing where Abdu'l-Baha went, 
and involved a few wonderful individuals in our enterprises.

Jill Cairns-Gallimore, researcher
Deb, Jill, Kamran, Margie, Anne
in old train depot

In the lobby at B & O Railroad Museum

Jack Gordon came up from DC to shoot video! 

at the train museum (outside)

Home visited by Abdu'-Baha

At the Conservatory, built in 1880s

Jill, in conservatory

With Elvis, lunch at a cafe

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