Film poster

Film poster

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


At our home in Duncanville (near Dallas) we spent the evening re-writing the copy for the narration for the trailer--and then recorded it. We've gone out on a limb, financially, for this project; Tim's gotten a new computer to do the editing at home and some new devices for the sound recording.  Reading the words and hearing my own voice, I am so aware of the limits of my talent!  I much prefer to do a character voice to narration. But--it sounds OK, and we will record more voices this weekend for another section of the film, specifically a section about race unity and Washington, D.C.

The energy in this home is definitely centered now on advancing this project--day and night.  Going to work is a slight interruption.  Sleep is curtailed; all avenues are pursued. Today I was talking to four young fashion students at the Art Institute about sewing some more costumes, as my machine is not working and I have so little time!

As I get ready to go to ABS in San Francisco and then to Green Acre three days later, I am worried about all we need to do.  Finish the trailer, create and print a postcard, name the film. . . . But every day, there is progress. God willing, time and resources will be there, as we need them!

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  1. Hi, good luck with your project. I have been collecting pictures of the Master and his trips through the West for several years. I made up a little slide presentation which I give on the anniversary of the Master's train ride near us, in Smithville, Ontario. If you need any help, let me know. I am at