Film poster

Film poster

Monday, March 18, 2013

The World of Color

Working with our colorist,
Omar Godinez

 I thought our film looked pretty good. But when we took it to a professional colorist to see what he would do with it, wonders of wonders, it looked much better! Tim could do the color correction work, but it would take him lots longer.

Omar is a professional colorist--that's what he does. So, we've had several sessions with him to compare our footage to what he can do with it. Amazing! And sometimes he takes it a bit too far and we have to pull him back.  

Omar, our colorist
Omar says he's been telling people about our project. It's really interesting for us to work with someone this much into color.

While the work is expensive (for us) it will make a huge difference in the quality of the film.

Omar has his studio in a new cooperative space called "Weld." Artists buy memberships and can go there to edit, shoot, collaborate, meet clients. Omar has his own office--which is important because he really has to work in the dark and show clients the work in the dark.

Omar has just been featured in the WELD blog:

Compare this color . . . 

to this color . . . 
Yea for color!!!!

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