Film poster

Film poster

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Advancement on All Fronts!

We are advancing toward completion! ah! We can dimly perceive an "end" to our project--or at least the making of a DVD. (There will always be things we want to change.)

We are fortunate to have helpers. 

Intern Brad (now working on final stages of a CD project of monologues) . . . 

Rebekah, in one editing suite . . .


And Tara, in the other . . . 
Tim, creating tracks for dolly shot
(enlarge to see Anne in mirror)

Rebekah & Anne

As we work on editing the last remaining segments, we also prepare files for the colorist and consult with a possible distributor and our audio sweetening person. AND we just shot another scene, for our Montreal segment.  (I love the production part: creativity & chaos. I got to be a PA, gaffer, costumer, hair & makeup person, prop assistant, foley artist for sound effects . . . )

Brad & Tim, creating a set 
Brad imaging himself as a Toronto reporter
Brad as the Toronto reporter

Tara, doing double duty as lighting helper
Brad, sanding pvc pipes for dolly shot 

Anne being foley artist for typewriter sound effects 
and doing hair 

Reporter in the monitor

another angle, dolly shot
Tim on dolly shot
 Another day in the Perry home studio, ending at 4 am!  And what a great little scene we've added! 

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  1. What an amazing amount of work! I cannot hardly wait to see this magnificent love letter to the Master.

    I wanted to tell you that the day I got my poster I went out and bought a beautiful frame for it. It will be going up in my living room very soon (I'm in the process of rearranging all the various artworks in that room) - my son told me where to put it even. It is beautiful.