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Film poster

Monday, March 25, 2013

Audio Post Production

There's something to be said for specializing--using one's talents in precise and specific ways.  This past weekend we had a very special houseguest--Eric Johnson of Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh, NC. He is the executive producer in charge of music and sound there.

Eric will be doing our final audio "sweetening"--the mix of narration and music, with some sound effects embellishment.

We are so very, very lucky to have him on our team! And the film will be better for it!  While Tim is an excellent audio producer, the project will benefit from having another set of ears/hands on it.  We are learning so much about the stages of professionalism. And Eric has a great perspective on the scope of our project, as he feels it will be significant and around for a long time. . . .

The fact that he took the time & effort to come to us is just unbelievable!  But then, we've experienced a number of unbelievable things on this journey!

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