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Sunday, August 4, 2013


We got a touching tribute via email tonight: 

Dearest Anne & Tim,

My community wants you both to know that we found the film to be exquisite. To a person, everyone was delighted with all aspects - the script, the pacing, the graphics, the charm and authenticity added by the period actors, the music, the production values, but mostly the dignity of the presentation and its focus on the Master and His words.

When it was over, no one stirred - the credits were watched all the way through. 

You are both brilliant. We feel so honored to have seen it so early. Thank you. We are all excited about showing it at [the Minnesota] summer school.

Ann Jones Kazemzadeh

Here's my response to her: 

That is really a beautiful tribute, Ann. I will copy it to put with our treasured comments! In fact, it has me in tears right now! 

This film is the highest thing we will ever do in our lifetimes. It took both of us, for an intense period, working as hard as we were able, to make something as beautiful as we could. We will never be able to surpass this achievement, singly or together. 

A few years ago I was musing on the reference in the marriage prayer to bringing forth coral and pearls. Tim and I had no children together, and most of our creative works have been individual ones--or ones I've dragged him reluctantly into. So, I said to him, "Honey, we need to produce some coral and pearls." 

"Ok, you do the coral, I'll do the pearls," he responded. 

"That's not what it means," said I. 

This project is our coral and pearls. It is the only thing that we've both been equally engaged in. It is truly the fusion of our energies--and more! 

So, thank you for watching it attentively. I hope it has a great impact on those gathered at the school. 

Much love, Anne (and Tim) 

And of course we hope it has great impact on many audiences to come!  This is just a beginning! 

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