Film poster

Film poster

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DVD--ah, sweet fruition!

After three long years, our DVD is finally born!  It greeted us in California on August 15, as we arrived for the ABS conference in Irvine. (Of course, it was also waiting for us in Texas.)

Now we have begun the process of sending it out. Reports are coming back. Here's an especially wonderful one:  

Roland Maddela writes:  "With utmost joy, I received a copy of 'Luminous Journey' today and my hands trembled with excitement as I loaded the disc in the DVD player. Oh! what an indescribable experience to watch this long awaited movie about Abdul Baha's travel to America. It was like I was travelling, too, with the Master and felt the excitement on His arrival in every city and the sadness when He left. The settings and costumes captured the spirit of the 1900's. The music and the narrations are superb. Thank you Tim &  Anne Perry and to all those who made the film 'Luminous Journey' possible!"
And, today, Jon Rezin of 9 Star Media just made it available on his website:

'Abdu'l-Bahá is gracing us with light upon light!

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