Film poster

Film poster

Monday, April 1, 2013

Composer shines; audience swoons

Deby Elliot introducing evening
 On Saturday night, our composer, Lisa Haese Smith, again wowed an audience with her music, and the young Arman Maddella played an awesome violin. We presented a few clips of the film; people had great questions, and many bought CDs, pre-ordered DVDs, and gave donations toward the film's completion!

Roland Maddela saying prayer
Bahram Jalalizadeh speaking as executive producer 
Truly, we are surrounded by people eager to see our film released!  And now, the work ahead is clear. It just must be finished. 

Arman, playing violin with Lisa

Arman & Lisa, performing 

Anne & Tim, speaking 
Stan,  on the technical aspects of music production 

Lisa & Stan, speaking

Telling stories . . . 

Will Anne ever let Tim speak? 

Yes, occasionally
Lisa, looking adorable

Rohan & Sara Jalalizadeh with Anne & Lisa
Arman & violin
Anne & Lisa, informal

Tim, Anne, Lisa, Stan
Three "graces"?  (Sara joins us) 

Marilyn, Jennifer, & Richard, enjoying reception 

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