Film poster

Film poster

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Calvin; New Intern; Production Night; PROGRESS!

Tim & Calvin
Calvin Runji has been visiting us! It is great to have him on board again. He came to Colorado to meet us when we first started shooting footage, then joined me in Maine and us both in Washington, DC. What a great former student and now friend--and assistant! This week he's helped us with numerous things.
Anne with new intern, Gerrad
 We also have a new intern from the Art Institute, Gerrad.  He started helping us this week. Here you see him in our makeshift dining room (since we turned our actual dining room into a production set).
Tim & Calvin in makeshift dining room
"Dining room"
We set up lights for two shoots: footage (interviews with Anne & Tim, and earlier, actually, with Calvin) and photos.

Calvin was a great assistant, being the interviewer and also interviewee, as well as camera man and photographer.

Gerrad was very helpful with equipment check out, pick up and delivery, as well as lighting.

Fun to be in production (as always) after the tedium of so many post-production tasks!
Calvin, Tim, & Gerrad, setting up lights

Production prep

More lighting work

Anne, prep for being interviewed

Some of the books used for film script

Tim & Calvin, prepping for Tim's interview

Tim, being interviewed

Tim in interview

Tim & Calvin, studio

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