Film poster

Film poster

Friday, August 31, 2012

Volunteers! More shoots!

Mary, working on film aspects,
with Diana working on finances
 A wonderful thing happened--a young woman named Mary Okonkwo came to our home from Fort Worth, to help us for a few days. We didn't know Mary--but she readily agreed to come spend time at our home working on aspects of the film, and we had a really great time with her!
Paul Taylor, voice recording

Tim & Paul
During this time we had actor Paul Taylor come over to record one of the voices for the film and also Armando, a student at the Art Institute, come talk to us about doing some animation. How lucky we are to have such lovely volunteers and professionals working on aspects of the film!

Tim, Anne, Manoutch, Melvin
We called our friend Melvin to play the part of Charles Tinsley, a servant of Phoebe Hearst in bed with a broken leg, who gets a visit from Abdu'l-Baha.  Here we are at the home of Manoutch and Karen Kazemzadeh shooting that scene--and we also did a scene at the park, on the porch of a little historic house--and I mean LITTLE! It was only about 12 feet across.  Mary got to be in the scene as well. I am standing in the photo, but I wasn't actually in the scene, even though Tim had me wear a costume that morning--in case I was needed in the background!
We are now getting ready to go to San Francisco to show excerpts from the film (Anne) and Los Angeles to recording original music with orchestration (Tim).

What excitement, on all fronts!

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