Film poster

Film poster

Friday, August 31, 2012

Montreal! O Canada!

We had the great bounty of going to Montreal for the Association for Baha'i Studies conference, and making several presentations about the film.  First to an audience of children. . . .

What a great audience! They asked some of the questions adults ask: what is the release date?
(Wish we knew!)  Are there any famous actors in the film?  (Wish there were!)

Then at our own session. . . . Then for 1000 people in the ballroom on Sunday morning.

Oh, also we showed the trailer and a behind-the-scenes piece at one of the late-night evenings.

We made a terrible faux-pas--Tim had accidentally put Montreal, Ontario on the title of the Montreal section, instead of Montreal, Quebec!  Oh--the shame of it, especially there. But we turned our announcement into a melodrama, and even had a French translator speak of it--and the crowd laughed and pardoned us!
Our friend Golgasht, who had shot some footage for us, was doing the video / PowerPoint transitions--and I provided all of the PowerPoint slides for the conference.  This is a volunteer role I have had for years--and it seems to add something to the conference. Dear friend Geoff was responsible for all of the media--and we had fun in the tech booth.  I don't seem to be able just to attend a conference!

We saw many dear friends, such as Robert Michell, Stan & Lorraine Phillips, John & Michelle Steere, Betty Fisher, and so forth. Tim got to SHOOT in Montreal and stay on to do a little sightseeing. All in all, it put us closer to conveying the days Abdu'l-Baha spent there!

Golgasht and Tim in front of a building designed by Sutherland Maxwell

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