Film poster

Film poster

Monday, September 5, 2011

Magic Lantern

As we were filming at Staples, Rosanne (Eliot archivist) and I were looking at the original photo we were trying to replicate. We noted that in the photo were several of the lanterns that were hung to welcome Abdu'l-Baha to Green Acre--along the road leading to the Inn and on the porch of Staples. 

As we were wishing for a lantern to hang, a box was put in my hands. I opened it, and it was the only ORIGINAL lantern that we know exists,  brought over by Mara & Paris Khavari, who own it. 

The amazing thing is that we hadn't needed it before that moment, and we didn't need it on other shoots--only then!  I knew that the Khavaris had the lantern, but not that they would be bringing it over. 
 It seemed miraculous, how it was delivered right at the moment we needed it!  
Surely this is a confirmation the film is meant to come to fruition. . . . 

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