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Film poster

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Tributes to the Film!

We attended a party recently and had inspiring connections with:

      A young man who decided to be a Bahá'í after viewing the film in Plano, TX. 

      A young woman who shared with us her story of receiving the film in Uganda and       screening it for those gathered at the national Baha'i convention there.  

      A woman who told us the story of a young woman not very active in the Faith who saw our film in Wilmette, IL and purchased a copy. She then watched it more than 10 times, expressing a deeper interest in the history of the Faith than she had had before. 

We will be giving screening the film and giving a presentation in Toronto this week at the Association for Bahá'í Studies conference! 

Also, we recently received a wonderful tribute from a writer/musician friend:


I’ve listened to Luminous Journey music over and over.  It is so beautiful.  Thank you so much.

I finally got to view the DVD.  You and Tim should be very proud of the production.  The film and story-telling is informative and beautiful.  Mostly, I was impressed with the scholarship and research.  

It must have taken years to gather all the information.  I appreciated the effort to keep the story anchored to the facts.  They are impressive and are stronger for standing alone without dramatization.  A case of less is more.  It is a powerful story and inspiring.
I enjoyed seeing you in many of the shots.  You are very photogenic.  Congratulations on an impressive film.  It is a credit to your faith and the memory of Abdu’l-Baha.
Again, thank you.  

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