Film poster

Film poster

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chicken Little--and a film poster

I hope we are not sounding like Chicken Little: "The sky is falling!" No one listened when s/he actually did announce the real thing--they were so used to false alarms.

Well, our FILM really is COMING. Soon. Isn't it agonizing not knowing when? It is for me!  So, Tim is a "meandering" editor. At least he's not a "philandering" editor--he is faithful to the project. However, a tweak here, an audio replacement there, a photo to change out--and meanwhile, days are passing!

So, my latest hope/prediction is that we get everything ready for REPLICATION (not duplication, which doesn't last as long) by July 9 (oh, please God, give Tim energy!) so that we can have DVDs (with inserts printed, and all nicely shrinkwrapped) by the time we get in the car to drive to San Antonio on July 26 for our first official SCREENING!  Yes, we've been invited there and are trying to arrange something in Austin, too, as well as in other places. San Francisco has already booked a date (Oct. 12), and we'll be showing the film in Wilmette, Illinois after the Persian-American conference over Labor Day. Yippee!  So--DVD copies do need to be forthcoming.

Tim has been working on the POSTER for the film--and this is the current version.

It makes us feel that the film is REAL. It's coming!

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