Film poster

Film poster

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In production at home; the final push in sight

Rebekah on set, "Kenyon Hotel"
 Keywe Studios was the scene of a final shoot on Friday, when we re-created a scene at the Kenyon Hotel in Salt Lake City, with Rebekah (assistant editor) and Brad (intern) helping out with technical aspects and acting!  It was fun to be back in production after so many post-production hours!

Lighting was challenging for Tim & Brad
as we simulated daylight

Props and costume elements were Anne's focus

Technicians at work 
Some may be wondering: when is this FILM ever going to be finished?  We can see the end, sort of, and have a list of scenes still to edit and still to refine.  Some people have told us the final push is the hardest part. We are hoping to have a completed work within 6 weeks! That puts us into March. Oh, the agony and the glory! Will we make it? Please send energy, thoughts, and prayers to us!

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