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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The DAY is HERE!

Earl Hall with inscription about learning and religion
April 11!  How long have we longed for THIS day!  Tim and I are in NEW YORK.  Today we will go to the Pier, the Church of the Ascension, and Juliet's home--and then give a program at the Baha'i Center!

It is Day 6 of our travels on this particular trip, which has brought us so many blessings!  I will list the places we've visited and put a few photos--yet have so many stories to add.

Day 1:  The Ansonia Hotel; The Church of Divine Paternity; Earl Hall at Columbia; the Natural History Museum; Arthur Dodge's home . . .

Roy Wilhelm's car with caretaker Bryan
Day 2: Montclair--the Unitarian Church, the train station, a house where the Master stayed; Teaneck--the car, the cabin, the house and grounds . . .

Riverside Park
Day 3: Riverside Park, the townhouse of Mrs. Champsey, where Juliet painted the Master's portrait

Day 4:  JP Morgan's library; the Bowery
Desk where 'Abdu'l-Baha wrote prayer in Morgan's library

The Bowery Chapel

Day 5: Lake Mohonk--the carriage ride, the Mountain House, the Persian rug . . .
With "Mr. Smiley' at Lake Mohonk!

And now this blessed day!  Oh--can there be more? 

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