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Film poster

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CHICAGO: Continued Confirmations

 Lincoln Park--1912 or 2011? 

"Lua" at Hull House
Our time in Chicago, Evanston, and Wilmette was quite splendid, with lots of special connections. It was supposed to be stormy that weekend--but it was actually beautiful--perfect weather!

We filmed at Hull House, Lincoln Park, a church in Hyde Park, the grave of Corinne True and family, the Baha'i House of Worship, and a grassy area next to Lake Michigan.

One thing that happened is that we (actually Laurie Eley, seamstress extraordinaire) had made a Lua costume, and "Lua" showed up, in the form of our long-time friend, Becky Jones now Hillman. She was quite convincing as "Lua"--and since Lua had been in a number of the Chicago photos, it was fun to have her appear there.

Group at Hull House
We stayed with Rhonda Harrison-Tang and her wonderful husband & two kids, who played immigrants receiving coins from the Master.  Others who joined us included Candace and Rick Hill and their teenage kids, Ellen Price and daughter, Harold Williams, a young Persian man, Carmel Esmailzadegan (the youngest we've had yet), and a friend of Ellen's, Cindy Groetzinger and her daughter. 

We also had great technical help--Craig Rothman, Charles and Majid Nolley, Colin Hill--as well as Richard Hillman, Becky's husband. 

Charles Nolley
Craig dispensing coins on
behalf of 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Richard, Charles, Craig, Tim, at Hull House
Candace Hill "played" Jane Addams, speaking to us all on the importance of Hill House. 

 More shots from Hull House . . .

The scene to the right depicts 'Abdu'l-Bahá handing silver coins to immigrants He encountered at Hull House. Of course, we don't show the hand of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Craig was careful to place the coins in the children's hands without his own hand getting in the shot!

great shot of Tim & Craig, by Majid

Candace as Jane Addams

Lincoln Park Shoot
And a very handsome Persian "entourage"

What a great crew!

At the end of the shoot we gathered to look at some of the footage and someone began singing, "Look at Me, Follow Me." It struck me then that we were already commemorating the visit of 'Abdu'l-Bahá befittingly--by gathering in a small group and remembering His time there. It was a potent realization! 
At Corrine True's family gravesite
At one of the churches where the
Master spoke (now First Baptist)

great shot by Charles Nolley

Wilmette shoot--looks like a painting! 

We were lucky to have NSA member
Erica Toussaint-Brock among our
costumed ladies
"Lua" with three Persians

lovely mother and daughter

Middle Persian is our executive producer, Bahram!

Bahram and Tim, Evanston restaurant

Four young boys were in the shoot!

Aren't they cute!

A magical day!

An amazing project!

Persian dance to end our time there!

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